Monday Night Group- Previous Productions:

2020 Dick Whittington

2019 Red Riding Hood

2018 Aladdin

2017 Puss In Boots

2016 Cinderella

2015 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

2014 Humpty Dumpty

2013 Jack & The Beanstalk

2012 Dick Whittington

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Dick Whittington 2020

Coming Soon


Red Riding Hood 2019

Our 2019 production went off with a bang. The production of Red Riding Hood ran in January 2019 was watched by over 4000 audience members and, as always, was a great success. With more people than ever coming to watch us prance about on stage, we were able to raise an astonishing amount of money, greater than we ever have done before, all for local groups and charities in the Wyre Forest Area.

Thanks to all of our audience and followers who supported us in this production. Onto the next!


Aladdin 2018

Following our hugely successful performance of ‘Puss In Boots’, Aladdin had big ‘boots’ to fill!

Thankfully, all the planning and preparations came together well and on time enabling us to put on another fantastic show for the community.

With many shows selling out this year, it made each show go off with a bang; the energy and atmosphere in the theatre was incredible from both on and off stage.

You will never know how many painful hours rehearsal it took for ‘Mr Who, Mr What and Mr I Don’t Know’, but i think you will agree, it ended up spectacular!

As ever, all the money raised from the shows go back to local groups and charities in the community, so to avoid missing out from other sell-out performances as this year, we suggest you book tickets for our next production ‘Red Riding Hood’ earlier rather than later!

Hope to see you all there for Red Riding Hood in January 2019!


Puss In Boots 2017

Puss In Boots was a massive success in many ways. We sold over 4000 tickets raising thousands and thousands of pounds for local groups and charities, and that’s all thanks to you!

From our 2017 panto, we were able to raise a massive £26,250 to 96 groups.

Without your support we would have never been able to do this.

Aiming to carry on with the success that was our 50th performance last year, we set the bar high for Puss In Boots. Luckily we smashed that with one of our biggest audiences ever.

As ever, the trademark ‘mng’ wit and humour was in abundance along with the classic cheers and boo’s for the goodies and baddies!

Next up, one of our absolute favourites- ‘Aladdin’ in 2018.


Cinderella 2016

Cinderella was our choice for the 50th anniversary production from the Monday Night Group.

Aiming to beat all previous totals, we planned to give away £25,000 from this production. We’re pleased to say that we hit this target! As this was our 50th Anniversary we wanted to push the boat out and make this show the best ever. New lighting and sound, along with a brand new coach (seen below), and some silver confetti streamer effects for the finalé, all added to make this performance visually exciting. With the excellent direction, and an updated rewritten script, the show really went off with a bang, with hundreds of comments highly regarding the show as the best yet. The whole cast and crew came together stronger than ever to put this show on for the community after the passing of our founder and long term director Alan Green in 2015, and after the success of Cinderella, are already working on our next performance of ‘Puss In Boots’ in 2017!

Cinderella Cast Dress

The Cinderella Cast
Monday Night Group 2016

Goldilocks and The Three Bears 2015

Our 2015 production was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears was a monster of a show, based around two rival circus’. Goldilocks and the Bears work as a team cheering on the goodies, booing the baddies to ultimately bring the two circus’ together in the end. With our usual run of 12 shows at the end of January in 2015, we brought in people from far and wide to see this show, and most importantly raise money for local groups.

2014’s production of Humpty Dumpty was able to raise over £21,000 that we gave away to 79 groups. This year we did even better with £23,000 to give away.

Goldilocks Advert Photo

From left to right: Daddy Bear (Charl Tunley), Goldilocks (Sophie Carrier), Mummy Bear (Emily Hough), Baby Bear (Bryony Woodward) from Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2015.

Humpty Dumpty 2014

2014’s production was Humpty Dumpty. Thank you to anyone who came and supported us. From everyone involved this year we would like to say that we had an amazing time, this was helped by of all of you providing the all important ‘bums on seats’. 2014 was a bumper year of ticket sales, and therefore we are able to give away EVEN MORE money to local groups and charities than we have done for many years. The money was shared, and is given away at our annual presentation evening, this year in April 2014. Thank you.

Generic group panto photo- HD

From left to right: Lucy Taylor as Jill, Cathy Carrier as Jack, Wayne Clarke as Humpty Dumpty, Chris Jones as Yoki, Sophie Carrier as Shellby, and the body of Sam Maher as Mother Hubbard. From Humpty Dumpty- January 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk 2013

2013’s pantomime production from Monday Night Group is Jack and the Beanstalk, ran from 25th January to Saturday 2nd February 2013. The pantomime has been well received by all of our audiences – thank you to all those who came to watch and participate!

The previous production of Dick whittington in January 2012 raised over £17,905 and was distributed to 82 groups from within Worcestershire!  Jack and The Beanstalk ticket sales were excellent, so we were able to give away £20,440 to 86 groups at the May 2013 presentation evening!

Thanks from the trustees, cast and all the members and volunteers of MNG.

Monday Night Group

Generic group panto photo- JB

Left to right: Simple Simon, Dame Trott, Jack Trott, Jill, Squire Bottom from Jack & the Beanstalk, Jan 2013

Generic baddies panto photo- JB

Left to right – The Giant’s helpers – Slime and Slithe, Jan 2013


Dick Whittington 2012

The group gave a fantastic high energy rendition of this classic pantomime.  Thanks to all of our audiences who came to support us.

In May 2012 we gave away the profits from this production, an estimated £18,000 to £20,000!

Generic group panto photo- DW1 Generic principle girl panto photo- DW
Scenes from Dick Whittington 2012

Would you like to help with or star in the next production!?

We are always on the look-out for people who can act, help backstage, front-of-house, paint scenery, or make costumes.

We are a fun group, and cater for all ages and abilities – there are plenty of jobs to do, big and small!

If you would like to join the group, please contact us, and we will invite you to one of our monthly meetings in Stourport, where you can meet the members of group and find out how it all works.