We Are: Monday Night Group

Welcome to Monday Night Group. We are a registered charity in the UK (#510879), and donate all our profits to local causes in the Wyre Forest area, in Worcestershire, England.

The group is run by a board of Trustees, and a Production Committee who ensures the next show is a success. The members of the group meet once a month, on a Monday Night (hence the group name), and discuss the forthcoming production and other social events too.


Formed in 1967, Monday Night Group have gone from strength to strength, in 1981 we registered as a Charity and have continued raising money since.

All the money raised by Pantomime and our other fundraising efforts throughout the year goes back into the local community in the form of donations to local groups and charities within the Wyre Forest. Since 1981 we have donated over half a million pounds (£500,000) to thousands of worthwhile groups from the area.

Our primary objective as a group, as well as having fun and entertaining our audiences, is to assist organisations who benefit the young and not so young, people with disabilities and groups working for the community as a whole. If you are involved with a local group (in the Wyre Forest area) which needs financial assistance, please contact us.


Fundraising is at the heart of everything we do at Monday Night Group, If there’s a way we can save money, do something cheaper, or beg and borrow things we will! We are kindly supported by local businesses who help our cause with things such as; donation of equipment, print services, rehearsal spaces and much more, and for that we are very grateful, as all the money we can save means more money we can give away.

Monday Night Group is run by a group of passionate volunteers who put in countless hours of work for free to be able to produce our traditional pantomime every year all aimed at the ultimate goal of raising as much money as possible to support the local community.


We aim to do all this while still producing a professional grade show at an affordable price so all the families, cubs, brownies, schools and the like can come and enjoy a laugh out loud family show while also doing your bit to support local groups and charities!

To our dedicated followers—the groups and individuals who come back and shout ‘he’s behind you’ year after year, Thank you!

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