NEWS: Dick Whittington is on his way to Stourport!

Yoohoo – Sarah the Cook here! Happy New Year everyone!! It might be the middle of January but it has taken me that long to get over my New Year frivolities. And don’t talk to me about the Three Kings Parade back when the Christmas lights were turned on… oh did we have some fun sailing our ship around the streets of Stourport… although my feet certainly felt it by the end.

Anyhow, new decade, new me – I hope you are ready to see some of the new outfits I’ve bought in preparation for our adventures with Dick Whittington. I’ve decided not to post any ten-year challenge pictures like everybody else has. I look even more fabulous than I did back in 2010 – you just wait and see! The wrinkles might have increased, the hair may have receded, but don’t worry – I still find Dave the Drummer attractive!

This past week, I’ve spent all of my free time back in the kitchen, fiddling with my recipes, getting out my big pots and pans, preparing some new delicacies and delights for you to try.  Ladies, make sure you hold back your partners, husbands, boyfriends… they won’t be able to resist my puddings once they’ve seen them! 

I can’t wait for you to share in the adventures that we are going to have with Dick Whittington at The Civic, Stourport-on-Severn from Friday 24th January until Saturday 1st February – there are still some tickets available on our ticket page here: Tickets. The Monday Night Group put on this fabulous production in order to raise money for local groups and charities – last year we gave away £28000 to 100 groups!  I certainly hope that we can raise that amount, and maybe even more again this year. Please come and share in my adventures with Dick – I promise you won’t regret it…! 

See you soon – lots of love!

Sarah the Cook