NEWS: Puss In Boots Rehearsals have started!

As the temperature drops and the nights get shorter, theres one thing that all of us here at MNG do- start our rehearsals!
Yes, it’s that time of year which means panto is firmly in all our minds. Meeting Mondays, Thursdays and soon Sundays too, the preparations for ‘Puss In Boots’ are well underway. Of course we have ‘Puss’, but there are also other characters to meet come January 2017: Pita, Pretzel, Bagel, Baguette and Brioche all have vital parts to play on Puss’ Adventure. As ever, all the profits from this years pantomime go to local groups and charities, so the more ‘bums on seats’ the more money we can give away.

Come and enjoy the adventure with our 2017 family pantomime- Puss in Boots.
Tickets are available now to buy online or over the phone. Hope to see you all in January!

Puss in Boots poster